The lost art of making time to feel

I feel sad.

I don’t really want to get into the why of it. I’m merely stating a fact of my life at this present moment in time. I may not feel sad tomorrow. But I do today.

I am not wallowing. Wallowing implies a certain lack of self-restraint. I’m…

Please remember, there are no refunds or exchanges

Congratulations on your decision to upgrade from a cuddly Child to a prickly Pre-Teen! If you don’t remember making this decision, that’s because your Child has been recalled, and we are sending you this mandatory upgrade free of charge.

Don’t forget to register your Pre-Teen to access maintenance tips, video…

Even shows that aim to empower working moms still get so much wrong

TV is not real life — I get it. Most of my days would not make for particularly compelling television.

I doubt anyone wants to watch me comb my daughter’s hair, smile through Zoom meetings, make dentist appointments, fish spoons out of the garbage disposal, or bark at my kids…

Kerala Taylor

I write about motherhood, feminism, race, and the end of the world. Aiming to make you laugh, cry, and want to punch something. Top writer in Parenting, Humor.

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